The Legal Services Outsourcing Provider

About Us

We are a lead generation lpo company. We work very closely with lpo services, lpo outsourcing services, outsourcing services and legal process outsourcing solution to our customers to provide a robust and disciplined market development team for delivering on their specific lead generation objectives. We are based in the heart of India and a leading lpo company in india. This allows us to bring the economics of global operations to our customers and most important allows us to leverage the speed and efficiency of a 24 hour day ensuring quick turnaround on deliverables.

LPO Maestro delivers the full range of lpo services and outsourcing applications, legal process consulting services for our clients. We are experts at managing the highly complex and long - term engagements that our clients require. Unlike our competitors, we do not work on a contract basis. We look for long-term partnership with our customers.

We can deliver best lpo services to our unique client - focused culture and based as lpo company in india. While most of our competitors depend on local contractors, we invest heavily on recruiting key executives, project heads and practice leaders because we look for long-term relationships.

With the management practices we have, we make sure that our technology supports your business coming from reputed lpo companies, we are good at managing privacy and data security issues for legal process outsourcing services.

When your company is investing for long term we assure complete customers satisfaction.


Why Us?

LPOMaestro.com has dedicated an experienced team of professionals including lawyers, industry specific consultants, paralegals and support staffs that deliver efficient, competent and cost-effective Legal Process Management Services to foreign law firms including UK and USA based law firms.

Our foreign outsourcing clients have benefits the most from our rich human resource base & trusted us to carry out their most crucial legal processing tasks. We take pride in having won the trust & confidence of our foreign counterparts for whom we consistently provide & monitor a strong and reliable complementary ' Support Services’.

For our foreign outsourcing law firms we manage legal processing at all levels ranging from legal process services to legal research, legal documentation, electronic filing of documents and corporate advisory services. Our Legal Process Management Services are designed to assist foreign law firms in cutting down both time & costs involved in execution of legal tasks and assignments while maintaining the content quality of advice and overall high standards of legal services.