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Disdvantages of Outsourcing

There are several reasons in favor of outsourcing but there are also some disadvantages.
The current employees in the company that outsourcers may feel threat due to outsourcing and may not work properly Several benefits and value addition have to be realized in order for companies justify outsourcing. Another disadvantage is that outsourcing can also prove to be a threat to the security and confidentiality of issues of a company. Outsourcing may also result into the possible loss of flexibility in reacting to changing business conditions, lack of internal and external customer focus and sharing cost savings. Outsourcing requires the control of the process being outsourced by transferred to the service provider. Thus the company may loose control over its process. The company that outsourcers can get into serious trouble if the service provider refuses to provide business due to bankruptcy, lack of funds, labor etc

Other Disadvantages are:

    • Lose of control
    • Quality problems
    • Slow response time
    • Can't understand foreign accents
    • Slow resolution times
    • Can't produce desired results
    • Reduced sales
    • Irritated customers
    • Irritated employees, unions, people within community


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