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lpoMaestro.com is a step beyond "legal process outsourcing" or "LPO." With offices in Jaipur, our off-shored legal outsourcing work involves high-end legal research, analysis and drafting services.

As a spin-off from the spectacular success of Indian BPO industry, the Legal Process Outsourcing industry has emerged on the outsourcing scenario. Though it is a sunshine industry as of now, LPO is expected to be a major industry in India in the coming years. Legal Processing Outsourcing is expected to be a major hit in India considering the immense cost savings and the huge number of qualified manpower that is churned out in India. In the coming years, India is expected to have a market share of over 7 percent in the global Legal Process Outsourcing industry.

Outsourcing legal jobs to India provides great benefits to the clients. Besides cost savings, Clients across US, UK and Europe also benefit from the highly skilled manpower available in India. The rise of this industry has also led to the creation of a talent pool consisting of legal consultants and attorneys who have been trained specifically for this industry. Be it the meticulous task of proof reading or tape and digital voice transcriptions, Legal Process Outsourcing has spawned a new avenue in the outsourcing market.

The Legal Process Outsourcing, more commonly known as the LPO.
Due to the desire of law firms to become a part of the global business, legal process outsourcing or LPO, is widely spreading and is becoming a hot favorite.

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