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Legal Process Outsourcing in USA

Legal process outsourcing in USA is one of the fastest growing services. Outsourcing of work is a proven effective management tool. Law organizations, attorney offices, lawyers, corporate, real estate/business firms big and small, all benefits from these services.  
Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) does legal outsourcing in the USA. It has partnered with major facilities in India, and the Philippines. We outsource work offshore and also domestically within the US. An accuracy of 99% is always delivered irrespective of the work location. This is because all our work forces have these qualities.

  • English fluency
  • Teams headed by lawyers
  • 24/7,365 days work

The varieties of outsourced legal transcription works are trials transcription, legal letter transcription, wire tap transcription, general correspondence transcription, verbatim transcription, and more. Other legal services are data entry work, immigration paperwork, and litigation support, legal coding, court reporting, legal research, and scoping services. We offer legal animation service that includes graphics, to different clients, for pretrial procedures and practice. MOS has the distinction of being a company whose services are reliable, affordable, and competitive. 
The units use high tech digitized equipment and support all software packages, thereby delivering solutions that are user friendly, and compatible to clients’ software. Our customized solutions are well appreciated by law firms. Law firms can now arrange huge data in all needed formats by the techniques of data conversion and coding of documents. 

At present our legal outsourcing in USA is available in all the 50 states of USA and other countries like Australia, India and the UK.


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