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Intellectual property research is a significant part of legal Process Outsourcing. Drafting and filing of patent applications are very expensive in the United States. It may cost about $10 - $100 to draft and file a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. By outsourcing this high end process the client can earn about 50 per cent cost saving. It involves processes that include:

  • Prior Art Search: In this service experienced Investigators search through online patent and literature databases and provide documents that indicates an invention lacks novelty or is obvious.
  • Patent Writing: Professionals specialized in the field of Intellectual property draft some or all sections of the patent applications including background information, detailed description, summary and abstract of the invention, based on the claims provided by a patent attorney. The final draft of the patent application is reviewed and processed by a registered US Patent attorney.
  • Patent Drawing: Preparing illustrations for patent applications that comply with the rules of different patent offices throughout the world, using advanced CAD/CAM applications.
  • Invention disclosure drafting: Patent engineers at the outsourced end interview and collaborate with inventors to prepare invention disclosures, which forms the base of a patent application. This task establishes a prima facie case for the patentability of an invention.
  • Patent Proofreading: Proofreading is vital step in the process of filing patent application. Highly qualified Proofreaders systematically examine patent applications for lapses in clarity, consistency and accuracy and also check for spelling and grammatical errors that can affect the enforceability of the patent.
  • Claim Analysis: This process has great value in the conception and definition of the legal boundaries of an invention. Analysts prepare reports comprising the analysis of the technical and legal aspects of the patent claims.


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